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Horror cognoscenti turned up their noses at Fede Alvarez's 2013 reboot/remake of Sam Raimi's grindhouse classic The Evil Dead; that is, until they actually saw it. Raimi's original has its indelible charms but Alvarez's Evil Dead is an improvement on nearly every level -- script, performances, and production technique included. Alvarez, who collaborated on the story with Rodo Sayagues, nods to the original perhaps a few times too many, but on the whole, the film is surprisingly, delightfully effective for fans and newbies alike.

For the score, Alvarez and producers Raimi, Bob Tapert and Bruce Campbell tapped Spanish composer Roque Baños, who'd previously composed impressive scores for stylish thrillers like Brad Anderson's The Machinist and Jonathan Glazer's Sexy Beast. For his first American production, Baños responded in grand fashion, creating a rich score for orchestra and chorus that hits the ground running, reaching a ferocious fever pitch in a brutal sequence where the possessed Natalie (Elizabeth Blackmore) relentlessly attacks Eric (Lou Taylor Pucci) with a nail gun. In the liner notes for La-La Land's CD release of the score, Baños noted:

Fede and I spent a lot of time searching for the most "evil" sound we could get out of the orchestra and the choir. First we found a theme, a very spooky one that we loved, but that still was not the sound we were looking for. We used all kinds of rips, ramps, scratches, whispering, shouting - but nothing convinced us it was the sound of true "evil." I then remembered during my first week of composition on "Evil Dead," I couldn't sleep so well. I had nightmares and I was hearing sirens outside my house all night, which I hated. Suddenly, "Bloody Hell" tumbled out of my mouth without thinking and... EUREKA! That was it! The "evil" sound was just a siren! I tried it the next day in some scenes and it worked greatly. Fede loved it, and everyone else seemed to love it too. Thanks, police!!

Baños' "Natalie Hunting" cue is a highlight of the score, a powerful, charging piece that incorporates the siren effect to smashing effect. Baños demonstrates impressive mastery over the orchestral and vocal resources at his disposal throughout (the score was recorded in London with the Pro Arte Orchestra and the BTG Chapel Choir), and with "Natalie Hunting", he gives one of the film's most effectively nerve-rattling sequences a perfectly thrilling accompaniement. La-La Land's comprehensive CD release of the score came out earlier this year, and is highly recommended to all fans of the genre.

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David W.
David W. pumpkin
I don't know if it is nostalgia, but I still love the original movies. The music was in the new one was creepy cool.

Jeremy Hawkins said there would be candy!
Sandor pumpkin
Wow. Great que! A few weeks ago, I edited my first slasher horror "movie". It's a teaser-pilot for the first 10 minutes of a feature film called The Windmill Massacre. Hopefully next summer the production will start shooting the complete film. I would love to work with Roque Baños, it would be a dream! The Machinist is a great score too and now I'm sure I should buy this Evil Dead.

Editing on a fairy tale called Cinderella at this moment, let's say something completely different... hahaha. She has her dreams, maybe mine will come true in the near future...
Peloquin pumpkin
This is a great/grand score, this one gets regular rotation in my house since I received it, Baños is a great talent. I have not seen the film yet, mostly the nightmares I got when I had seen the original.

Thank you for another great year of score knowledge, composer sharing and awesome titles. Have a great Halloween "Howlin' Wolf" and thank you to... you all. See you in 2014!
Scott pumpkin
I really enjoy the original Evil Dead, both score and movie...but the score to the remake is very powerful and quite intense. I haven't had a chance to see the movie yet but from what I have heard about it, it is quite a wild ride as well. The siren that was used in the score is so odd to me, such a weird thing to find in a score...and yet it works so well. I haven't had the pleasure of hearing Baños' other work, but he appears to be a force to be reckoned with.

Another Halloween season is fast approaching it's end. It has been a pleasure spending it with Jason and Howlin' Wolf Records!!
Josh pumpkin
I was very impressed with both the film and score, especially the latter. Really unsettling music, and that's a good thing! Thanks, guys, for another awesome season of 13 Chills.

Happy Halloween!  
Jonathan pumpkin
Happy Halloween!

I love 13chills. Evil Dead is a great score and a great release from La-La Land. I got it shortly after it was released and I think it's in their sale right now. Get it!
Mike pumpkin
After hearing "Abominations Rising" for the first time earlier this week, and now this "Natalie Hunting" cue, I gotta say Baños wrote some very cool horror action music for this flick. I never would have expected a siren in a film score, but it really works. I'm gonna have to see the new Evil Dead at some point. Always was a big fan of the originals. Thanks for writing all these installments. They really help set the mood for Halloween! 
Jeff pumpkin
I didn't have high hopes for this remake (I rarely do for any remakes), but I was pleasantly surprised... with the movie AND the score. Baños elected to go in a different direction than LoDuca did with the original yet occasionally, part of the new score seemed to "borrow" the feeling of the LoDuca's score in some scenes (like with the high pitched strings). In other parts, however, Baños strays completely (like with the haunting, chanting choir). I think both scores work for the films they were written for.